Tong-Il Neeroeteren

General info

Taekwondo literally means "The way of the fist and foot". It is more an overall concept, a way of life, than a pure combat sport. TAE means foot, KWON stands for fist and DO refers to the way of life. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport.

The modern way to practice Taekwondo consists of four categories:


Training hours

Day                            Start       End 
Youth (-14 years)
Monday                   19:00        20:00 
Thursday                 19:00        20:00
(Young)Adults (14 years or older)
Monday                   20:00       21:30
Thursday                 20:00       21:30


Maaseikerlaan 2A
3680 Neeroeteren
Entrance via spilstraat



1 month for free!
Adults : 54€ / quarter (+18 years)
Youth : 45€ / quarter (- 18 years)
From the 2nd family member from the same family that joins Taekwondo Tong-il Neeroeteren, a discount of 5€ per quarter will be granted.

a discount of € 5 per quarter will be charged. 2nd family member:
Adults : 49€ / quarter
Youth : 40€ / quarter
Payments in installments is a possibility.
Please contact one of the trainers. He will discuss the options with you.

Membership contribution Taekwondo Vlaanderen : 35€ / year